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What To Consider In Choosing An Engineering Consultant

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A common mistake when choosing a consultancy firm is to pick the lowest bidder. Doing so would only considering one aspect of the project – the finances. If the consultant provides a substandard work, it would be counter-productive in the long run. The project will not last for a long time or that it would not function to specifications.

To avoid these problems, consider the following factors before choosing a consultant.

Past Project and Relevant Experiences

Aside from technical skills and certifications, you should also determine if the consultant had projects similar to the one you want them to work on. Do they have local knowledge on the location in which the project will be constructed? Are they knowledgeable to the type of industry or business your company belongs to? More importantly, consider if your consulting engineer Sydney has the right values and maintains its professional integrity.

Integrated Plant Design Approach

An integrated design approach eliminates errors and avoids reworks by considering all the elements needed for the execution of the project. Your consultant would consider the inputs from the Construction, Operation and Maintenance teams as well as integrating the building, electrical and mechanical aspects of construction.

Proximity to Site

Choose a firm that is near the construction site. Doing so would allow for ease of coordination and shorter travel time in case there is a site emergency.

Quality of Service and Legalities

Quality of service should be evident not only on the output but also on how the whole engagement is handled. Discussions should be documented and prior to discussing the specifics of the projects, contracts and nondisclosure agreements should be signed by both parties. The construction and legal aspects of the whole project should be handled with utmost professionalism.

Multi-discipline Engineering

Choose an engineering firm that employs, hydraulic engineer in Brisbane, mechanical engineer, and other engineering disciplines. Having all engineer disciplines under one roof is important especially in big construction projects. Not only would it minimize the cost, but it would ensure the smoother construction process.


For the duration of the project, you would be working closely with the consultant. You should be comfortable in having open discussion and asking questions or clarifications. You should also consider whether you’d like for your consultant to be readily available for communication. Such factor would determine whether you pick a small, mid-sized or big consulting firm.

With these factors in mind, make a short list of consulting firms you would like to consider. Request detailed proposals and make a decision by picking the firm that would provide the most cost-beneficial service.

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